Every thought, sensation, feeling, heartbeat and breath begins in the brain

Every moment, experience, relationship and achievement is directly affected by the health of the brain

Nestled in the mountains of Montana is a special place where one of the top neuroscience-based teams in the nation is changing lives. Through the use of the LifeWorks 7 Integrated Platforms to Better Brain Health, our guides teach the skills and steps to achieving optimal and sustainable brain health. Join our specialized, all-inclusive program and experience the power of neurofeedback, a cutting-edge brain training tool which enhances brain performance and promotes neuroplasticity.
Change your direction today for a better tomorrow.

"In this age of false promises, we offer evidence-based
approaches that are rooted in the best science available.
No false promises... real results based on real science."
- Robert A. Velin, Ph.D. LifeWorks CSO


Our 7 Integrated Platforms to Better Brain Health

Neuroscience and Cognitive Development
Reset your compass with science based cognitive fitness which includes daily neurofeedback training.

Physical Conditioning
Physical exercise is not only important for your body's health, it also helps your brain stay sharp.

Enhanced MIND Diet
A scientific approach to enhancing brain function through what you eat, and how you fuel your body and mind.


"Being asked to review and participate in the LifeWorks Brain Health program; attending LifeWorks was an out of body experience like no other. I was able to tap into many emotions dealing with mental, physical and spiritual enrichment. As I look back on that experience, I feel as though I have grown and have been enhanced in more ways than one. The positive, life changing results will greatly benefit our NFL players and former players."
- Al Smith, Former NFL All Pro, NFL Alumni Association Chairman of the Board,
and author of Think Like a Pro – Act Like a Pro

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