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Do you want to increase focus, concentration and memory?

Do you want to eliminate brain fog?

Do you want to halt or slow the progression of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s Disease?

Do you want to sleep better, stress less and improve your habits?

Do you want to increase energy and decrease fatigue?

Do you want to boost creativity?

Do you want to stabilize emotions and improve mood?

LifeWorks Brain Performance

Is your authoritative Brain Guide you can trust. The direction and knowledge you will gain from the program is easily adaptable into your individual lifestyle.

Get Focused

You will learn how to increase memory, better your focus, improve concentration and how to harness peak brain performance. You will learn to manage stress and anxiety which can cause disruptions to your brain and body and negatively impact sleep. You will explore the benefits of meditation and mindfulness which can positively change both the function and structure of the brain.

You Are What You Eat

You learn from our nutrition Brain Guides how the types and quality of the food you consume directly affect quality, functionality and the aging of our bodies and brains.

Get Mindful While Moving

Learn how mindful movement and physical exercise done together not only boost your body’s well-being, but directly benefit and enhance your mental state.

Our Classroom is Outside

We have a passion for nature and green exercise. We connect you to Montana’s natural environment by taking our classroom outside.

Your Brain, Your Habits... Your Way

Creating and sticking with new habits doesn’t have to be difficult. Through the science of behavior design, we meet you where you are today and match you with the most desirable and effective habits. Learn what behaviors you are most motivated by to create a daily routine that promotes peak brain performance.


Creating and sticking with new habits doesn’t have to be difficult. The ability to build new neural connections and rewire existing ones is known as neuroplasticity. Increasing your brain’s plasticity is possible at any stage and age. The brain is malleable, like a muscle, and able to continuously grow cells and make brand-new connections.

“Goals are harmful unless they guide you to make specific behaviors easier to do. Don’t focus your motivation on doing Behavior X. Instead, focus on making Behavior X easier to do.” – BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits

Turns out…
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

What does your FUTURE look like?

We lead with science

At the LifeWorks Brain Performance Program®, we create a map of your brain activity using the latest in neuroscience technology and cognitive testing.

Brain mapping is non-invasive and involves 19-channel EEG recordings. This provides a snapshot of your brain to show how it’s working.

Brain function depends on the health of your body and mind. LifeWorks Brain Performance helps you optimize brain health by addressing the key factors that impact brain regulation.

Cognitive testing reveals strengths and weaknesses in reasoning, visual, verbal and memory processing, and executive function.

Your brain map compares your brain waves to a normative data base. Statistical analysis helps to show what’s properly working and what’s not.

Your personalized report provides resources and recommendations that will help you achieve a brain healthy lifestyle.

Brain Map – 19 Channel EEG

What is brain training?

At LifeWorks Brain Performance you will experience cognitive training techniques including biofeedback and neurofeedback. Through brain mapping and cognitive testing, we observe how your brain is working now. From this, we create an individualized training protocol to train your brain. With training, your brain will get stronger, become more flexible, and create more insight, attention and awareness.

For example, the goal of brain training is to balance brain waives. When the brain does something good, the brain automatically rewards itself. This positive reward is remembered just as a dog would remember he gets a treat if he sits and stays. With real-time positive reinforcements your brain says, “hey, I like that and want to do it again”.

All LifeWorks brain mapping and brain training is non-invasive. Our equipment simply reads and listens to your brain waves which supports your customized brain training.

BCIA Certification – Our LifeWorks Brain Performance team is certified by the BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance). The BCIA is recognized by the Association of Applied Psychotherapy and Biofeedback and the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research.

Science says…

• You are your brain. The personality you have is your brain. The decisions you make in life come from your brain. The emotions you feel and show come from your brain.

•At any age you can improve your brain’s performance, sharpness and resiliency. Proactive measures taken over time will help you prevent or delay cognitive decline and / or Alzheimer’s Disease.

• Spending time in nature improves cognitive performance and enhances creativity. It makes you feel better, too.

• The brain has an amazing ability to heal and regenerate. It has limitless potential to improve regardless of its current level of function.

• Meditation has been linked to increased gray matter in the brain, and has been shown to improve memory and lower stress.

• The brain is the organ that is most easily damaged as a result of poor diet . Eating healthy and nourishing foods help protect the brain.

Stargazing at LifeWorks Brain Performance

It all starts in the brain…

At LifeWorks Brain Performance we know the better you care for your brain today, the better the outcome tomorrow. We believe in helping people change, to be the best they can be for their brain, body and mind. We believe in science and we do our homework. We study the research of experts and apply it in our philosophy and our program.

Our Vision grew out of the idea that everyone deserves to live a brain healthy life. We believe in being part of the solution for ending brain disease, not contributing to it. We believe in Peak Brain Performance which can be achieved by healthy lifestyle choices.

Alzheimer’s Disease is the fastest growing epidemic in the western world. We know that the human brain can change, grow and improve well into old age and it’s strong enough to stand up against decline and disease. We aim to give people the knowledge, the know-how, and the tools to start making brain-care improvements to protect their greatest asset.

Our core value is to support people at being their best. Becoming the best you STARTS IN YOUR BRAIN.

Your success …is our success.

We are located near Bozeman, Montana, within the majestic Shields Valley. We are a short distance from the historic town of Livingston, breath taking Paradise Valley and our country’s beloved Yellowstone National Park.

Kick back and enjoy our comfortable lodge on the banks of the Shields River.Everything we do is intended to create an enriched brain healthy environment.

From our 360° Rocky Mountain views, our rustic river rock fireplace, our onsite nature trails and the food on our tables.

All of our lodge guest rooms are private, can accommodate spouses or partners, and have king size beds and ensuite baths.

Left to right: Great Room, Typical Ensuite Bath, Dining Room, Typical Guest Suite

What Guests are Saying

Lifeworks Brain Performance program was an incredible experience. I was trying to find a program that answered questions regarding some issues with my brain health and also acquiring a baseline for myself. Through the many great aspects of their program, especially the brain mapping, I found those answers and also some solutions to help fix them. Programs like stretching, yoga, breathing, brain training, nutrition and outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and exploring all enriched our bodies and minds while fulfilling a genuine Montana experience. The culinary part of the trip was absolutely phenomenal every step of the way and you definitely won’t go hungry. I am thankful for finding a program and staff that actually wants to help us get better and can’t wait to see how LifeWorks improves, expands, and makes changes for the better for those that are willing to try.

— David Baas, Super Bowl XLVI Champion

“LifeWorks gives me hope and optimism. I would not hesitate to recommend the program to others.”

— Ron Judkins

Academy Award Winner, Sound Director and Writer

“The positive, life-changing results will greatly benefit our NFL players and former players.”

— Al Smith

Former NFL Player, Chairman NFL Alumni Association

“Overall, my visit to LifeWorks was incredible. I learned so much about neurological wellness and what I can do to keep my brain healthy over the long term. The LifeWorks lodge is set on 300 acres of beautiful rolling hills which offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges. The meals are delectable and the service top notch. I’m doing something proactive to increase my brain’s performance which will have long-term affects on healthy aging.”

— Kiron Dhaliwal

Concierge Vacations

“ LifeWorks: the nature setting, the food, the education about maintaining a healthy brain, and mostly the kind, knowledgable and dedicated team.”

— Anne Dimon

Co-Founder and President of the Wellness Travel Association


The experienced LifeWorks Brain Performance Team leads the program which is 100% evidence-based and targets the key factors that have been proven by science to enhance your brain’s health performance.

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Brain Performance

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Shields Valley – Montana


“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

— John Muir

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